Corporate Overview

  • The Company is uniquely positioned to generate incremental shareholder value through an extensive precious metals focused project portfolio in NSW, Australia.
  • With land position in Australia, the Company has amassed a set of 8 highly prospective licenses that show evidence of high-potential mineralization containing various lucrative metals, including Lithium, REEs, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ziny metc, Aluminum and Gold.
  • The Company’s 13 Australian projects cover over 1,300 sq km in NSW and include 137 historical mines and prospects that were focused on Gold and Silver, along with various indicator minerals that occur along with these precious metals.

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Second largest gold producing state in Australia. Prolifically Mineralized — with current gold endowment exceeding 100 Moz and silver endowment exceeding 1 Boz

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African Mining Company

African Mining Company

Metalite Resources

Base, Battery, Rare Earth Metals, Lithium Mining & more

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